Sunday, May 23, 2010

Philip Island Trip.

Almost all of the CMYF peoples went to Philip Island. Although some had went there couples of time already but they still went there. Philip Island is an interesting place. Before we start our journey, we are asked to meet up at Mcdonalds in Glen Waverly. Then some of them having breakfast there. When all people had arrived, we started our journey at 8am. The journey took around 2 hours. Before we reach Philip island, we went to Chocolate Factory for a visit. Everyone of us paid AUD 7 to visit the factory. Inside the factory, we saw how chocolate was made and we could also design our own chocolates. We can draw any shapes of the chocolates in 5 seconds. After that we went to lunch at Philip Town. Because the group is too big, we decided to divide it into 3 groups. One group went for pasta, one group went for Fish and Chips and another group went to... ??? We finished our lunch at 1.30pm and then we head to ???? for penguins and seal views. We only saw penguin there but did not see any seal there. We found one or two penguins hiding under the bridge we are walking. The penguins did not come out because the weather is too hot or too shy. Besides, The view of the place is beautiful. Many photos are taken at this place.