Monday, May 17, 2010

Introduction to Philip Island

We are going to Philip Island this saturday. It is an outing for CMYF. If you had never been to CMYF before, you can have a look at the introduction below about how does Philip island looks like and what you can do in Philip island.
Philip Island is popular with penguins. The smallest (and cutest) penguin in the world, the Little Penguin is around 33 centimetres tall with adults weighing just over 1 kilogram. The Little Penguin is the only blue feathered penguin in the world and will typically live for 7 years .

The scientific name of the Little Penguin, Eudyptula minor means 'good little diver'. They can dive up to 69 metres, making on average 700 dives a day to search for fish, squid or krill.

Native to Phillip Island, the Little Penguins make the sand dune burrows on the Summerlands Peninsula their home. They start their day very early – leaving their burrows at first light to go fishing in the sea. At sunset, the magic of the Penguin Parade begins as the Little Penguins emerge from the sea and march in groups across the beach to their burrows.

Since we are visitors, the are many things we can do at Philip Island.
What We can do
Inside the centre;
See large screen presentations that feature live footage from Seal Rocks and a series of outstanding marine wildlife and conservation short files.
Zoom in on the thousands of seals at Seal Rocks with cameras above and below the water
Discover our local marine life with interactive marine displays with touch screens and information
Relax in our Cafe with awesome ocean views
Join a fascinating Eco explorer ranger tour that will inform you on all the history and wildlife of the area

Outside the centre;
View the seals through telescopes
Stroll along the Nobbies Boardwalk and enjoy spectacular views oh Philip Island's rugged south coast
See the awesome blow hole, a spectacular sea cave that thunders into the cliffs and explodes back with sea spray - a sight not to be missed!
Be amazed by the nesting seabirds during spring and summer
Walk along the spectacular south-coast road

If you are interested, please contact Bickie Ling at 0413878079 so that he will arrange the transportation for u. :]