Monday, May 17, 2010

Sister's Night

Sister's night is also known as Eve's Night. It is celebrated specially by CMYF only. All the sisters are beautiful on that night. Most of them does obey the rules which is wearing a headband and a knee length dress. Even those who usually did not make up also tried their best to make themselves beautiful. 6 new sisters came on that night. Before the event actually start, they were first served outside the church with snacks and drinks. After everyone came, they are invited to the lobby to choose their seats and get prepared for their dinner. Then the event starts with singspiration by Isaac Ling and Jerry Hii. Other than that, There are also solo singing, group singing, dancing and fashion show. During the performance, there are many laughter from the sisters. Sisters enjoyed it very much. Some of the brothers are waiter and 4 of the specially chosen brothers were preparing dinner for the sisters. There are salad, lasagne and desserts for the night. Though the portion of the food for some sisters is quite little, they enjoyed it as well.

Group Photos