Monday, June 7, 2010

Prayer for students.

It is June. The mid of the year which is also the end of the first semester for students. Most of the students in CMYF feels stressed. Why? Because the final exam for the first semester is just around the corner. Some of them are final year student. They have assignments, researches and exams to do while other students only have exams.

1)Please pray for wisdom so that they can manage their time properly and finish their work before the due that.
2)Please pray for wisdom so that can remember what they had studied and able to finish every question in the exam paper.
3)Please pray for good health so that they wont sick during the exam time and Pray for those who are sick to recover as soon as possible.
4)Please pray for their safety so that they are able to reach the exam venue from home safely or vice versa.
5)Please pray for them so that they will not feel that much stresses.

As said, Do your best and God will do the rest. Be confidence with yourself with everything you are doing because you know our Almighty God will always help us when there is difficulty. Always say a prayer before you do anything because Never say never when it comes to what God can do. For further details, prayer list for CMYF-ians can be found at the tab.