Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bible Study

This Saturday, we will have a Bible Study Session in the Church and it will start at 6.30pm. There will be three groups, 忍耐组, 良善组, and 温柔组. Please check your name in the allocated groups.

忍耐组 -
Alvin Kho, Carina Ling, Christina Toh,
Christy Hui Min CHOW, Crystal SEAH,
Cynthia Wong, Dean Lau, Emily Yii,
Eric Toh, Fei OU, Flecher Kong,
Freddy Wong, Hii Shu Chyng, Jackie Tiong,
Jenny, Jessie Ting Ching Kee, Lau Buong Kee,
Lau Hui Chia, Ling Bick Chew, Mandy Yong,
Tiong Wee Ling,

良善组 -
Aaron Ling, Amelia Hii Wei Su, Angela Toh,
Cynthia Toh, Daniel Lau Hing Hao,
Grace Wong Sze Ing, Huang Wen Jing, Isaac Ling,
Jennifer Ngu Wen Kim, Joyce, Lau Buong Jing,
Law Sing Kung, Leslie Wong, Liew Hung Sia,
Michelle, Penny Lau, Pou Hung Nguong,
Roger Ling, Simon Tnay Koh Chung, Stephanie Ngu Wen Ling,
Vincent Hii Hean Kwang, Wong Chung Yuan, Wong Pei See,
Nelson Ling Siaw Dih, 劉本成, Deric Hii Hiong Hoe

温柔组 -
Anna, Anna Yong, Cecelia Yong,
Elaine, George, Helen Ma,
Jaclyn Wong, Jerry Hii Chung Lik, Justin Tu,
Lik Cheng, Ling Jing, Melvin Chiew,
Shirley Law, Shirley Tiong, Zaniel,

If your name is missing, please feel free to contact Bickie Chew at +61413878079 and he will assign u into a group as soon as possible.

If you are interested in our fellowship, you can contact Bickie Chew at +61413878079 or Jackie Tiong at +61433582747. If you have transportation problem, you can notify them and they will make a necessary arrangement for you. Please do not hesitate to contact them. :)