Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cell groups 22-27/3

Hopefully you all had an enjoyable weekend, less worried with assignments or work (hope so) for two days..

for this week's activity, it will be bible study based cell group sessions. Depending on your group/assistant group leader, you will be having your cell group sessions in between 22-27/3(depends on what day, which date, what place your leader chose and set). If you are not sure about where/when you will be meeting up or needing transportation, please contact your group leaders as soon as possible and save the time for the session.

忍耐组-Emily Yii or Christy Chow or Jessie Ting
良善组-Stephanie Ngu or Nelson Ling or Angela Toh or Wen Jing or Sing Kong
温柔组-Melvin Chiew or Helen Ma

*If you don't have their phone numbers(just in case), try look up on facebook, as all of them apparently has an account and if you don't have one, go get one...

That's all for now and we'll be updating soon...Have fun this week and remember to read your bible~: D

*Upcoming event: 03/04/2010 Dessert Night. (If you are just looking for food to eat or thinking about what on earth is this Night about or purely just bored with nothing to do or over stress and looking for a way to de-stress, prepare yourself and come, you will be entertained...)