Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Warming Night / 迎新会

The Welcoming Night is a success with around 16 newcomers. Sixty people came that day, including old and new members, which broke our record. A warm up game was introduced as an opening event on the night's agenda, with the aim to elevate the possibility of newcomers interacting with old members, followed by refreshment, to provide the opportunity of in depth interactions. Stephanie and Shirley, who joined us only last year, shared their feelings and thoughts of joining CMYF and how it affects their lives with all who are present and it is emphasized that CMYF is like a second home to them and they will continue to stay on this fellowship.

The highlights of the night are the drama performances which were presented by different cell groups. Although every group went all in with their effort, Patience group won first prize, presenting a collaborated drama of Moses, Avatar and the future.

Champion of the night, Patience Group receiving present

It is hoped that the newcomers enjoyed our arrangement and accompaniment that night and will continue to stay on with us in this harmonious fellowship.

16 New Comers