Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Are you a Christian?

A: Hey, lets go somewhere this Sunday morning.

B: I can't. I need to go for Sunday service.

A: Why?

B: Cos' I am a Christian. Christian goes to church on Sundays.

"I am a Christian"

Believe that most of you have had experienced the same conversation some time of your life.

But, the question is,

Are you really a Christian?

What does a Christian mean?

Christian = Christ + ian

We all know who and what "Christ" is but

What does "ian" stand for?

i =I

a = am

n = nothing or no one.

Referring back to what was said earlier,

Being and declaring yourself as a Christian means
Without Christ, I am no one or I am nothing.

We have to depend and rely on Christ,
when we experienced both negatives and positives in our lives.

Remember to pray
leave everything to Christ
trust Him and believe in Him

I am a Christian,
and I have Christ in my Heart,
and I will live eternally.