Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fruit Night

Dear CMYFians,

It has been quite a long while not updating this blog. However, we are happy and glad as most of us are back here in Melbourne and continued to join in with this fellowship.

To prepare a fresh start before university classes commences, "Fruit night" was organised. Most of us were only told to bring a type of fruit and some culinary wares and other than that, it was kept as a secret.

We were split up into our groups and had some fruit guessing game as introduction of the actual activity, guessing different types of fruits blindfolded and nose "blocked", just with our face. It was pretty interesting as most of us never did this before. Fruit included in this segment are oranges, kiwifruit, pineappple, apple and most interesting of all, an egg (considering it is not a type of fruit at all).

Then, we moved on to the competition part, each group has to come up with a fruit decoration, creating something that has meaning in it and being able to provide a back up explanation for our work.
The Fruits of the Spirit

The Story of the birth of the Christ

When Jesus is on Mount Calvary

The Story of the Empty Tomb

(Credit to Jennifer for all her photos)

The night ended pretty well and joyful. Each group's creativity, team effort were tested and we enjoyed throughout the whole process. Good job to everyone as we managed to relate our creations to the bible and let us live our lives as Christians and show it to our dearly friends.