Sunday, December 26, 2010

CMYF Christmas Gathering

Every year more than 400 million people celebrate Christmas around the world -- that makes Christmas one of the world’s biggest religious and commercial festivities. In approximately year 300 A.D., an important event occur and it was determined to be on December 25, the day that has been celebrated from then till this very day and that major celebration on the 25th marks the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. While many celebrate their Christmas with their family and friends, the CMYF had their Christmas celebration too!
Held at Stephanie's house, around 30+ brothers and sisters attended this festive event! Among them was Pastor Wong and his family; as well as new friends who also attended the event.

This event was a pot luck dinner where everyone bring their delicious dishes to the house! What's more? Each of us brought presents for the present exchange game!
We welcome two new friends: Jeannie and Howard!
We had great time celebrating Christmas with lots of games, praise and worship, present exchanging, sharing thoughts and stories, thanks giving and most importantly, we are able to join together as one to receive God's Greatest gift for all of us- Jesus Christ!
Credits to Kendrick for the Group photo
Last but not least...
Thanks Stephanie for inviting us!
Thanks Emily, Kendrick and Eggy Leong for capturing the photos!
Merry Christmas!

(More Photos coming in soon!! so please be patient!~)