Thursday, July 8, 2010


What is 宝剑练习 ?
宝剑练习 is a quiz game based on bible. Eric hosted the event. Although not much people turned up, we still manage to divide the people that came into 2 groups. The group that win and lost are given a prize too. Questions are quite tough for everyone. But all of us learned from the questions Eric asked. It is good that you knew something you don't know or unclear from the bible. After the group quiz ended, it continued with bonus questions. Bonus questions are given based on 敬拜人生. For those that answers the question correctly, they are given a prize for themselves. For those that read but unsure of the question they get, they are allowed to get helps from others. After all, winning or losing the quiz is something that is not important. The most important thing is all of us learned something that is new!