Monday, July 20, 2009

Holiday Activities For Our CMYF Members

Ever since the starting of year 2009, our members have been busy with their studies, career and also for our CMYF. During the holidays, most of them were busy helping out with the Youth Sunday programs on the July 12, and also for the Camberwell CMYF 22nd anniversary night on the 1st of august.

The CMYF committee was grateful for all their help and so we prepared some holiday activities for our members. On the 4th of July, we went up to Mt Buller for a snow trip. It was the 1st time for some of our members and from the feedback we've got from them, it was a good experience for them, even though it was wet and drizzling up at the mountain.

The 2nd activity prepared for our members was gokarting at acekart located at the sunshine suburb. It was held on the 11th of July. Before that, CMYF helped out during the Church cleaning session during the morning.

Thank God that we had a great weather at the race track and we were provided with better gokarts to race with and a dry surface for better safety. Our chair person Bick Chew won the 3rd place during the race. 1st was giving to Hansel Chiew and 2nd place was given to Dennis Wong.

at the briefing room

trying out the helmets.

in the pit

the 3 winners of the day

group photo!