Friday, July 17, 2009

烹饪会 6th June.

Time is one thing we cannot buy, it is the one thing we treasure most. As most of the members in the Camberwell CMYF are students, they need to be able to save as much time as possible to prepare for their studies and other activities.

Bear in mind that using your time properly is one of the ways of glorifying God's grace given to us.

Demonstrators for the night were our Rev. Wong's wife and one of our members Bong kee.
The purpose of this program is to teach our CMYF members on how to prepare a fast, simple, nutritious and yet delicious meal as most of them are students living a hectic life.

ingredients used for the dishes

Rev. Wong's wife as our demonstrator

the recipe given to the members for references.

Our skilled member Bong Kee showing us the right and fast way to debone a chicken.

Drooling members got to enjoy the amazing end product of the night's cooking.