Sunday, May 17, 2009

5月16日 水果会 - 良善组 (传福音)

Fruits Platter Competition
1st Runner Up - Kindness Group
Theme: Spreading Gospel

Preparing fruits
and admiring leader's skills of cutting the watermelon

Final Touching Up

A very happy leader presenting their fruits platter

Their 1st Fruit Platter - Holy Bible

Spreading Gospel using God's words from the Holy Bible

2nd Fruit Platter - Jesus crucified

The middle cross is Jesus's
The 2 other crosses beside are robbers who were crucified together

The grapes and other fruits representing
those who witnessed Jesus's death

3rd Fruit Platter - The empty tomb

There's a small bed inside the tomb
and it's empty
Representing the resurrection of Jesus

Nice carvings besides the tomb

3 Fruit Platters from Kindness Group

Proudly presented by
Daniel, Leslie, Buong Jing, SingKung, Nelson, Cyd Ney,
Kelvin, Mei Cent, Cynlin, Wen Jing & Isaac