Sunday, May 17, 2009

5月16日 水果会 - 忍耐组 (马槽婴孩)

Fruits Platter Competition
Bible Story Relating Theme

Champion of the night - Patience Group
Theme: Baby in a Manger

Ah Kang (The Manufacturing Engineer) Opening Can

Flecher (The Interior Architecture) "architecture-ing"

Emily (The Actress) Posing

The 3 Wise Men from East with their gifts

The cute adorable little sheeps beside Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus lying in a Manger
with Joseph and Mary beside

Left Side View

Right Side View

Front View

Baby Jesus in a Manger
proudly presented by Patience Group
Buong Kee, Bick, Flecher, Jackie, Freddy, Janice, Jessie
Emily & Crystal