Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Hollywood Night!

After months of preparation and hard work, the anticipated CMYF sister night is finally here!
This year the brothers came with the theme "Hollywood Night"!

That night the sisters were greeted as they were like movie stars and each and every one of them were awarded based on all brother's vote. After the prize giving ceremony, the gift they received is in fact a passport like ticket where they need to aboard the plane and fly back to Melbourne from Los Angeles.
So before we proceed to the next event, we present our lovely smiles in front of the camera~!
Smile~~ Cheers!
Now...we go on to CMYF airlines as the sisters aboard the flight.

During the flight the brothers prepared heaps of activity....want to know more? The photos will be uploaded shortly~
At the end of the event,taaadaaa= the all sisters group photo!

Before I close this blog post the brothers of CMYF would like to thank every sisters for making this event a success and with all of you, the world is a better place in God's realm!

More photos will be pouring in soon, so please stay tuned!

Photo credits by Melvin, Kendrick and Ben