Thursday, April 28, 2011

New cell group allocation

Since 23/04/2011, we have started on our new cell group allocation. Instead of only 4 groups, we will now have 6 groups, leading by individual group leaders. The group names are 约书亚, 但以理, 撒母耳, 提摩太, 以斯帖 and 尼希米. If you were not able to join your allocated groups last week, please refer to the name list below to find out which group you belong to.

约书亚 leading by Grace Wong & Ben Cheng
Hii Ming Chu
Lu Yieng Yen
Joanne Lau
Tan Lee Lee
Li Kian Leong
Teo Guan Kiat
Lim Sheng Han
Kendrick Ngu
Wilfred Lau
Chai Bing Heng

但以理 leading by Penny Lau & Flecher Kong
Pou Hung Nguong
Victoria Hii
Vincent Hii
Gabriel Tiong
Tiong Yong Hui
Joe Tan
Michelle Ngu
Christopher Ling
Cecil Tiew
Philip Wong

撒母耳 leading by Eric Toh & Stephanie Ngu
Cynthia Wong
Ting Hong fei
Emily Yii
Jessie Ting
James Chiong
Angie Wong
Joseph Wong
Kenny Ting
Tan Hui Hui
Liancy Lee

提摩太 leading by Pei See & Leslie Wong
Cecelia Yong
Mandy Yong
Joey Ting
Ling Jing
Justin Tu
Jaclyn Wong
Dean Lau
Jenny Zhou

以斯帖 leading by Wen Jing & Buong Kee
Melvin Chiew
Yong Hua Kiet
Ling Bick Seng
Shirley Law
Ou Fei
Daniel Yapp
Janice Liew
Angel Ho

尼希米 leading by Nelson Ling & Shu Chyng
Andrea Chen
Belle Chen
Law Sing Kung
Harry Hii
Samuel Ting
Jennifer Ngu
Seah Huey Ming
Yee U Sun

You will be learning and understanding God's words together with your cell group members, improving your relationship with your fellow group members (and of course, CMYF in general as well) through various activities organised by CMYF or by your group leaders.

Hope that you will enjoy your time with your fellow members and make sure you treasure this time, as you will only be with them for one year (until the next rotation). We will all learn together, pray together, and play together.