Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Make Friends! (05/03/2011)

Good day! I know it's been quiet here for awhile, kinda reminds us that we are all couping with campus life though eh? Well no more!It's time to break the silence and let's turn back time to CMYF's Let's Make Friends event during March 5th!

That night, we had new faces appeared at our church and that night, we had heaps of fun and laughter together. Want to know more? Let's Scroll downnnnnnn~

Firstly, we group ourselves into a huge circle and we introduced ourselves to the crowd. Then it's time for fun  and games! Honestly, it was fun!! The first thing I remembered was running here and there and asking friends. Then we we switched places as soon as the person answered the question. The next game was a guessing game!
 Everyone follow the culprit!It's hard to choose who is culprit, but it's worth of try!

Next, we were divided into groups and we have a team game!
 Line up! Here were the tallest to the shortest nominates!
Happy smiles from the new members!

Before the night ends, the groups were divided into separate rooms to know more about each person. Overall the event was fun and a success! Kudos brothers and sisters!

Credits: Photos courtesy of Melvin Chiew