Saturday, April 10, 2010


On 5th of April, we had a CMYF outing to Williamstown. 32 peoples joined this outing,18 of which live or stay overnight in Box Hill were asked to meet at Isaac's house and the others were asked to meet in city(Corner of King St and Bourke St). The journey took around 45 minutes from Box Hill to Williamstown and 15 minutes from City to Williamstown through West Gate Freeway. We went to Scienceworks and Melbourne Planetarium.

Scienceworks and Melbourne Planetarium has a stunning range of themed exhibitions and interactive scientific displays which can entertain kids for hours. There, we experienced live demonstrations, informative tours and plenty of hand-on activities all designed to unravel the mysteries of science. Although it is a place for kids, we really had fun playing. It took us about 2 hours to explore almost everything in the Planetarium.

After that we went to Williamstown for our brunch. When we arrived at "Nelson place", we found that there is no restaurant or cafe that is available to accommodate such a large group so we decided to separate it into three groups. It is described as "Nelson place" because almost all of the name of the cafe or restaurant contains "Nelson". Some of us bought fish and chips and enjoyed it by the water at Nelson Place with stunning views of Melbourne's city skyline through the masts of moored boats. Some of us went to Nelson's Restaurant to enjoy sumptuous meal. After the meals, almost everyone of us get to the ice cream shop to buy ice cream due to the fairly hot weather. Around 15 peoples took the half hour ferry ride from St Kilda Pier to Flinders St station. While at the same time, the rest of the group went to Port Williamstown. We all met up later at St Kilda beach.

At the end of the day, everyone was exhausted but everyone who joined the journey enjoyed.