Monday, April 5, 2010

Dessert Night cum Easter Celebration...

On that special night, everything went well as planned by God's grace. A dessert night was planned in place and coincidentally it clashed with Easter day, thus, we celebrated that day using what was originally planned for Dessert Night and adding some special performance from each group.

Singspiration, Dance and Drama were the highlights of the night, prepared by different groups, namely Patience, Gentle and Kindness. Drama was focused on the topic in how Jesus saved us from our sins. Although the performance is supposed to remind us the sacrifice by Jesus, it turned out to be entertaining in a different way and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Gentle performed singspiration and Kindness group performed dance and "mime" act.

After various entertainments, the night is later enriched with a sharing session by fellow CMYF-ians. About 10 CMYF-ians were touched in their heart and decided to share their experiences and how their life changed after joining fellowship. The session took about 30 minutes, followed up by "Observing, Eating, Tasting and Communicating" session.

Each group displayed their homemade or "bought" desserts according to their group. A wide range of desserts, including rice milk pudding, normal pudding, jellos, lemon tart, apple pie, melon sago drink were prepared. Everyone enjoyed the night and it is hoped that there are more chances for this type of activity to be held.

Patience Group

Kindness Group

Gentle Group