Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weddings to be blessed and cherished...

In just a blink of our eyes, year 2009 has come to an end and a new year has begun. Some of us, CMYF-ians, stayed at the same, as cute, active, young teenagers but happiness and love have been blessed to a couple of us. They got engaged, prepared, and made their promises to each other in front of our Almighty God. In just a short two weeks time, a couple of our beloved CMYF members got married and became Mr and Mrs, no longer regarded as teenagers but adults.

First in line was David and Shirley’s wedding. David was and still will be our teacher for one of the Sunday school class. Shirley is known as “er jie“(in Chinese) and she really is helpful, kind and loving towards anyone whom she knew. On the day of the wedding, David definitely looked younger, full of happiness, love and joy when he showed up in front of Shirley’s house with his EIGHT “brothers”. David, the best men, and the “brothers” turned up even earlier than the bridesmaid at Shirley’s house, and they have to wait for everyone at the bride’s house to get prepared by parking in front of some anonymous people’s house. Anyways, the brothers did everything mentioned by Donna, who not only was the one responsible to plan and test David’s love towards Shirley, but also some of the “brothers” aunt. Although it was a hot and sweaty day, they both made a happy couple. Both of them seemed to enjoy the day a lot and when the day ends, both of them showed signs of relief. The one which made Shirley really touched was that David sang the song “My Girl” to her with his best men and also a Chinese song all by himself. After that day, we have a new name for David, which he also accepted cheerfully, “er jie fu” (in Chinese, meaning husband of “er jie”).

Dennis and Donna's wedding came second. Their wedding was set on the 01/01/2010, the first day of a new beginning year. Dennis, a choir monitor and choir cook for the year 2009 and maybe also for year 2010, is someone whom you can trust with tasks which normal people can’t handle, for instance, cooking for 20+ people in a kitchen which you can’t fry, cant grill and with the oven out of order. Sometimes he acts like a child but deep in his heart, he is just trying to cheer up everyone. Donna, is a really talented soprano in choir, without her, the rest of the sopranos’ voices are too soft till people sitting far behind can’t even hear clearly. She is also Dennis’s helper in the kitchen every Sunday; while every one of us are attending Sunday school and having fun on Saturday, they are or will be thinking or preparing choir’s lunch for the day after. It has been a long run in their relationship and they finally set the date to tie the bonds together.

Last but not the least, Bickie and Cynthia’s wedding. Bickie was and hopefully will still be the president of CMYF. He was kind and supportive to all of us, no matter where you come from, what your age is, where you live and etc etc, he will always be there, to listen to our long winded naggings and giving us helpful advices, especially when we met with obstacles in our lives. Cynthia, who is also known as Cynlin, is someone whom you will cherish your friendship with throughout your lives as she is always there for you whenever you need someone to listen to, to give you advice, to help you or even just lend a shoulder for you to cry on. The Big Day started around half past 4 when the bridal party has to wake up and start to have their make up put on. Some of the girls from CMYF went to her house early to be “sisters”, while some of the guys went to his house, also pretty early, to be “brothers”. Both groups enjoyed the time when the groom came to pick the bride up. The guys enjoyed being fooled around while the girls enjoyed being entertained. One thing that has to be and must be mentioned, the guys really gave in what they can for our beloved CMYF president, even though the weather is hot and humid, all the guys (almost) wore coats and really dressed in formal wears, which most of us never seen before, also willing to sacrifice for their “big brother”, no matter how humiliating the requests turned out to be.

Anyways, all three weddings justified something. God made Adam first, then Eve, so that they can be couples for life and support each other throughout their lfe, they have to hold and to have from their wedding day forwatd, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from that day forward until death do them part. A marriage certificate is something which is pretty much considered as useless if there are no anticipation, participation and contribution to one family.

All CMYF-ians wished all three couples happily ever after and continue to love each other throughout their lives as how and what they had mentioned in their vows before God.

United Hearts
God has brought you here together

To be united in His love

Joined in Holy Matrimony

With faith in God above

Let your faith guide your lives

With a measure of God's grace

For this is what keeps love strong

Through whatever you may face

Keep building your marriage on

The foundation of Christ

It will not crumble or give way

Through the daily pressures of life

But it will stand the test of time

Growing stronger day by day

Just keep your hearts truly united

Joined as one when you pray

The cord that binds your hearts

Will not fray or break in two

When you build your lives on God

He will walk with you