Monday, August 24, 2009

Huang Wen Jing's Birthday

Huang Wen Jing, originally from Guang Zhou, China. She celebrates her 25th birthday (17 July) this year. Wen Jing is a future nurse who is currently studying in Deakin University. Albeit just baptised last december, she is a girl who eagerly serves God with all of her heart. Besides being an active family member of CMYF, she also sings in Youth Choir.

Wen Jing is one of the female DSLR owners in the church. Being highly influenced by the others in CMYF, she has bought a DSLR to please her photography desire.

Huang Wen Jing's Birthday

Wen Jing and Cake

Cell group photo


CMYF group photo

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